For iPhone 12 mini Butterfly Love Flower Embossed Horizontal Flip Leather Case with Bracket / Card Slot / Wallet / Lanyard(Black)


  • Product Description

      1. Concise: Its shape is simple, and the beautiful flowers and butterflies are impressive.
      2. Function: card slot, wallet, easy to use, the bracket function is designed for easy viewing.
      3. Convenience: All buttons and ports can be accessed, charged, and connected to the headphone cable without removing the phone case.
      4. Portable: The phone is light and thin, and it is more convenient to carry with a lanyard.
      5. Durable: TPU material with good performance and high quality can be used for a long time.
      6. Anti-fall: Four-corner TPU all-inclusive design, very good resistance to falling.
      Compatible with
      Apple:  iPhone 12 mini
      Package Weight
      One Package Weight 0.06kgs / 0.14lb
      Qty per Carton 468
      Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
      Carton Size 90cm * 54cm * 15cm / 35.43inch * 21.26inch * 5.91inch
      Loading Container 20GP: 365 cartons * 468 pcs = 170820 pcs
      40HQ: 849 cartons * 468 pcs = 397332 pcs

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    • Variant: Default Title
    • SKU: SYA001148603A
    • In Stock: 9999
    • Weight: 0.064 kg
    • Product Type: Unknown Type
    • Brand: SHOP FU

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